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Field 23 in the land of Taos Weaving together Past, Present and Future



I am spirit Tewa, Vision of Tewataos, Dreamtime of the Aborigine and Song of the Ancients. I reality manifest from a Sunfield number 23 known as Possibilities. I am Canoe Guide of The Teagarden and I travel the Garden Tenders, ones known as characters from Constellation CANDO, through their seeded CANDO Worlds growing. I am Tewa, grandson of Tewataos of the visionary council.


Tea Garden

(Sun Field # 509 – Star Route 70)


Canoe Ride   

… through the gardens of The House of Julien 



Overheard…two ladies/canoing with Tewa /conversing, seen here, only their umbrella tops.


Voice 1 … and add to that I think we should also have a character that is named cando as an acronym for

our new title … Creating A New Dimension of Optimism.


Voice 2 … yes, and I know just the person to illustrate this–cando–and create a character landscape as one

of common sense and logic for this-cando.



And answering to subsequent summons, the hand of ‘Writer’ a character in the story, is seen sketching out and making notes about this new character called cando.



In Creating A New Dimension of Optimism in my own imagination where I code think new dimension into new reality, I exist. … Cando 



I became existent on the premise that after deleting what I cannot do I am left with what I can do and with those possibilities being infinite I’m left to identify just what it is I would like to do . Reasoning then to render my capability towards elevating thinking mass into higher level thinking skills utilizing The CANDO Attitude mechanism of intentional assembly of thought into identity of happenstance. I am a new way of thinking adventure within Constellation CANDO where I can choose, envision, calculate, formulate and create the pattern of my own frontal lobe emotional intelligence imprint, attaining thus ability to reflect from my own common sense grid and not from one of programmed nonsense.

I therefore function from the obstacle free CANDO Sector zone of my own imagination effectuating highest use thinking technology in all its unlimited wonderment while constructing myself as a vehicle of that effectuation. Cando


Play Can Do!.mp3

As performed by The Can-Do-Kids featuring Jamee Brown ~ from the CANDO CD.




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